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Monthly Archives: May 2012

When you were a kid, what did you play?  Did you ride your bike in circles in the  driveway until you were dizzy?  Did you dress up in Mommy’s special “going out” dress  and serve tea to your dolls and stuffed animals?  Did you treat your teddy bear’s “broken arm” with an entire box of band-aids when he fell off your skateboard?  Yeah, me too.

As it turns out, play is really a child’s work.  It may seem like kids are just doing silly things sometimes, but those silly things serve a purpose.  Dizzy driveway circles taught us about physics, geometry and biology.  Tea parties taught us how to share with others.  Practicing medicine on teddy bears taught us to tie them onto the skateboard next time, so Mom doesn’t get mad when the band-aid box turns up empty.  See how kids learn through play?

What are the children in your life playing?  Healthy, wholesome activities like riding bikes and playing dress-up (not to mention practicing teddy bear medicine) help  prepare little minds and bodies for the work of the grown-up world.  Plus, getting dizzy is fun.  Remember?

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