April 22nd is Earth Day.    Earth Day Toys & Games for Kids

Toys & games are a great way to encourage your child’s environmental awareness since they learn through play.   Here are some ideas to help you celebrate Earth Day and to inspire our future conservationists, earth scientists, biologists, geographers….

Plan an Earth Day Party

Here is a great list of Earth Day activities, party snacks and a suggested reading list.  My favorite group activity in this list?

Recycling Relay
Line up children in two teams facing two empty bins. Give each team an equal pile of recyclables such as empty plastic bottles, cereal boxes, etc. Tell each child as they step to the front of their line to toss an item into the appropriate bin for paper or plastic. The team that finishes with the most items making it into the correct bin wins.

It’s never to early to teach youngsters about the importance of recycling. Check out Teach Preschool for another recycling activity for preschoolers.

Science Kits & Puzzles for Kids

Kids Recycling Science KitRecycling Science Kit

Curious about what happens after you put the recycling bin out at the curb? The Recycling Science Kit lets you explore what happens to the items you recycle.   Make recycled paper, learn about different recycling codes, pledge to be a super recycler and make a water filter. Illustrated instruction guide included. Ages 6 and up.


 4-D Biology Puzzles

Yes, I know these are made of plastic. But they offer an amazing learning experience about biology, anatomy & habitat plus they flex your spatial skills.

4d shark puzzleGreat White Shark 4D Animal Puzzle

Great White Sharks have become the stuff of legends. The Great White Shark 4D Animal Puzzle will let the young scientist or marine biologist explore the fascinating animal behind the myths.

This puzzle/model is fun to build and an illustrated assembly guide is chock full of interesting information about sharks and their anatomy. Puzzle includes 20 detachable organs and body parts. Completed model measures 13″ long and includes a display stand. Ages 8 and up.


4D scorpion biology puzzle4D Scorpion Biology Puzzle

Scorpions are found on every continent on Earth except Antarctica. Learn more about  the scorpion’s anatomy with this Scorpion 4D Animal Puzzle.  29 detachable organs and body parts combine into an accurate model that’s fun to assemble plus a great tool for learning more about Scorpions. An illustrated assembly guide will help you through the build and then challenge you with fun questions once the model is assembled. Completed model measures 8″ long and includes display stand. Ages 8 and up.

Wooly Mammoth 4D Kids PuzzleWooly Mammoth 4D Puzzle/Model

The Wooly Mammoth went extinct way before the first Earth Day celebration in 1970.  Our Wooly Mammoth 4D Animal Puzzle combines a fun-to-build puzzle with a highly detailed model. Kids will learn about the function and location of 26 different detachable organs and body parts.  Once built, puzzle measures 10″ long and includes a display stand and an illustrated assembly guide. Assembly guide has fun Q&A to test your knowledge of Wooly Mammoth anatomy. Ages 8 and up

 Learning Resources

Visit these organizations to learn more about conservation, species, habitat and what you can do.
Rainforest Alliance – Kids’ Corner
World Wildlife Fund – info on endangered species
Nature Conservancy – Earth Day activities
MarineBio Kids – lots of marine bio learning activities

What are your plans to celebrate Earth Day with your kids?