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Here in Vermont, Winter Break is about to start. Some of you will be traveling, some will be staying home. Turner Toys & Hobbies has products to make Winter Break fun and maybe even educational!

If you are traveling bring along an Eni Puzzle. Eni Puzzles are a great “fidget” puzzle toy with lots of possible solutions and great for spatial relation skills. They come in a small keychain size (which can clip onto a backpack or school bag)

Eni Keychain Puzzle

Eni Keychain Puzzle


Eni Brainteaser Puzzle

Mini Eni Puzzle









and a slightly larger “Mini” size. Each is available in two different colors.


                                                                                                                                                                   Woodkins are also great for traveling. A modern twist on dress up dolls – Woodkins consist of a hinged wooden frame with a two dimensional image of a fairy, princess or kid on the bottom half and a matching outline on the top half. Woodkins dress up dollKids arrange the supplied fabric pieces to create outfits on the bottom half and then close the top half to see the completed outfit. They are quiet, don’t require batteries and can keep kids occupied for hours.

If you are staying home vacation can be a great time for some together time. Puzzles are a great family activity and we have a wide range from colorful jungle frogs Ravensburger Friendly Frog Puzzle for kids

to a 3000 piece world map (circa 1665).

Ravensburger 3000 piece puzzle

Ravensburger 12557 Leaning Tower of Pisa IIWe also have 3-D puzzles of famous landmarks including The Empire State Building, Big Ben and The Leaning Tower of Pisa.


Learning doesn’t have to stop just because its vacation time. We have science kits from Science Wiz that cover Chemistry, Electricity, Energy, Inventions, Light and Physics. Each kit includes materials, a book with experiments and background information plus access to more experiments and lessons on the web. These kits have been favorites with our customers.

Science Wiz Physics

 What toys have you found entertaining, educational (or both!) during past vacations?



Baking Soda Science Toy Rocket Car Science Kit

Scientific Explorer Rocket Car

Happy National No Housework Day!  Why not use some baking soda science to power up some toy rockets?

Baking Soda Science & Toy Rockets

In an earlier post, Turner Toys Has Model Rockets, we highlighted our line of Estes Model Rockets. Now, we have some toy rocket kits that use baking soda science as fuel.  Like other flying toys (see earlier posts on flying toys and science toys), these double as science toys.

These kits are a great way to learn about chemistry and physics.  The baking soda and vinegar starts a chemical reaction in the fueling module.  Experiment with different proportions of vinegar and baking soda or even types of vinegar (balsamic, anyone?) to see how it affects flight.   These rocket kits have received awards and accolades from Family Life Magazine, Parent’s Choice and Discover Magazine.

Bear in mind that these toys are projectiles and require adult supervision.


Scientific Explorer Rocket Car Kit

Remember those images of vintage land speed record cars?  Recreate your own with the Scientific Explorer Rocket Car kit from Poof Slinky.  Powered by vinegar and baking soda it can travel over 200 feet on a smooth surface. Fueling module can be adjusted to desired power level to accommodate student drivers and seasoned veterans. Some assembly is required, completed car measures over 15″ long. Ages 9 and up.


 Baking Soda Science Scientific Explorer Meteor Toy Rocket Kit Scientific Explorer Meteor Rocket kit

This colorful rocket can fly up to 100 feet powered by its patented baking soda fuel system.  Fueling module can be adjusted to desired power level to accommodate beginning flyers and seasoned veterans. Some assembly is required, completed rocket measures 17″ tall. Ages 9 and up.



What are your childhood memories of baking soda and vinegar experiments?

Children can never have enough opportunities to learn about their world.  Science experiments help kids learn about the world around them.  Turner Toys is proud to carry a wide variety of science toys and kits that will spark your child’s interest in science and make your gift giving easier this year.

Here are some toys that explore optics, physics, gravity, engineering, aeronautics and more.


How does a radiometer work? It spins when the sun warms the dark vanes and is reflected by the white vanes. It’s the original demonstrator of the potential of solar energy.  I had one of these as a kids and liked seeing it go faster on sunny days.

Precision Gyroscope

GyroscopeThe original Gyroscope toy, defies gravity, demonstrates scientific principles, inertia, angular momentum, kinetic energy, physics. Watch it balance on the rim of a glass jar or tie it to a string and observe it hang at a right angle to the string.  Still made in the USA.

Refraction through Prism is easily demonstrated with this 2.5″ Crystal Prism. Natural sunlight is refracted into a full spectrum of colors – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. ROY G BIV is the mnemonic I learned to remember the correct colors in the correct order.

KaleidoscopeChildren’s Kaleidoscope will bring many hours of fun viewing different patterns. Kaleidoscope comes in a gift box.

Science Kits

Science kits guide children through experiments, provide all the materials and instruction needed so you don’t have to be the expert.
From the makers of Slinky:
Fingerprint Science KitPower Putty Science KitSlippery Slime Science Kit
Poof Slinky Fingerprint Files Science Kit  Everything needed to collect fingerprints using the same methods as the Police and FBI is included.

Poof Slinky Power Putty Slime Science Kit    Corn starch slime has met its match. Slime holds a special attraction for kids and this Poof Slinky Power Putty Slime Kit will let them make both bouncy and stretchable slime.

Poof Slinky Slippery Slimes Science Kit  Slime for kids because there is no such thing as too much slime. Slippery Slimes Science Kit lets kids make Sewer Slime (doesn’t smell like a sewer) and a slime that switches between being a solid and a liquid.

Here are four science kits that explore magnets, gears, physics, and recycling.


Magnet Lab Science Kit

Mag Lab Science Kit   Magnets are an endless source of fascination for kids. The Mag Lab Science Kit includes 12 great experiments to let young scientists explore the world of magnets.


Gear Lab Science Kit   The Gear Lab Science Kit has 4 fun experiments to teach children how gears work to multiply force or slow down the speed of a motor. Gear Science Kit

Egg Drop: Gravity & Physics

Egg Drop Science Kit  Egg drop test experiment made fun and easy with the Egg Drop Science Kit.  Kit includes 4 egg protecting contraptions (parachute drop, balloon armor, spine shield and straw cell).  Learn everything you need to keep an egg (not included) together when it hits the ground. Egg Drop science kit


Recycling Science Kit
Recycling Science Kit   Science projects like the Recycling Science Kit let kids explore what happens to the items you recycle. Make recycled paper, learn about different recycling codes, pledge to be a super recycler and make a water filter.

In upcoming blogs, we’ll feature other science toys such as 3-D and 4-D puzzles (engineering) and flying toys (aeronautics). What science toys or experiments did you like when you were a child?  I loved my chemistry set!

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