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Science Olympiad is right around the corner and we are having a sale!

It’s never official until the rules come out next month but it looks like Elastic Launch Gliders, Helicopters and Boomilevers will be back for the 2013 Science Olympiad Season.

Science OlympiadWe’re getting ready for SO season by bringing in contest rubber, balsa (low, medium and high density available), helicopter kits, scales, mylar film, condenser paper, tools, glue (including hard to find Ambroid Cement) and all the pieces and parts to make your projects fly longer and hold more weight!

To make shopping easy we’ve organized our products by SO event. Place your order by 8/31/13 and receive 10% off your order. Use coupon OLYMPIAD at checkout.

At Turner Toys, we’re developing our Pinterest site  and would love to let to let you know what we’re thinking about these days and to get your thoughts on what you’d like to see.  Actually, my wife is creating it.

Right now, we have Autumn and Halloween on the brain.  My wife and daughter are really into everything Halloween.  Me, not so much though I’m a sucker for Fall colors.  Maybe not raking.  So – how does this relate to Turner Toys’ Pinterest site?  We’ve added two boards – “Fall” and “Halloween” and we’re pinning some of the best fall colors shots and great Halloween DIY projects.

We’ve also created boards for things we like and great products we carry:

  • Nature pictures – amazing pictures from around the world
  • Science Play – we like science at Turner Toys and we want to share science activities that your kids will like
  • Reading – when we find great book and reading links, we’ll share them here
  • Snow! – ok, we’re in fall right now, but snow is around the corner.
  • Parenting –  we parents can all use some words of advice
  • Learning Play – well, we know that children learn through play
  • Classroom activities – great activities for groups of children
  • Made in the USA – fun memorabilia and Turner Toys products that are made in the USA
  • Flying Toys – Turner Toys is known for its collection of  flying toys (now including rockets) and its support of Science Olympiad flying competitions.  We have “how-to’s” on building helicopters for Science Olympiad on the Turner Toys website and will post these to Pinterest, too.
  • Birthday Party Ideas – again, great activities for groups of kids
  • Dinosaurs & Fairies – two popular themes for kids    
  • Christmas – many craft ideas for the Christmas season
  • Classic (pedal) cars – Turner Toys has some great classic pedal cars.  We’re fans of great classic cars, too.
  • Vermont/New England – We’re based in Vermont, after all.

We plan to share articles and information about children, play and learning. What would like to see on Turner Toys’ Pinterest site – or our website

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