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I took a break from Turner Toys to visit the Vermont Flower Show which is down the street from us at the Champlain Valley Expo in Essex Junction.

Vermont Flower Show

Nice Pants!! The Vermont Flower Show

At this time of year, Vermonters are always itching for some signs of spring.  Luckily, the show did not disappoint.  This year’s theme is “The Road Not Taken,” inspired by Robert Frost’s poem.  Robert Frost has a special place in Vermonters’ hearts so it wasn’t a surprise to find his poem as inspiration for this year’s show.  According to the organizers, Green Works, the theme lies in the:

“discovery of less-travelled places, exploration of the natural world and reconnection with forgotten wonders of enchanting green space.  The poetry of Robert Frost often draws upon the landscape of New England and his home here in Vermont.”

The central display ranges from “literal interpretations of the theme to the more abstract: paths to choose from; asphalt jungles with glimpses of green; backyard urban micro-homesteads; bees; chickens, there are many opportunities for wonder and discovery.”

There was a re-creation of Robert Frost’s writing cabin and, as a part of the urban display, a narrow alley with graffiti-adorned walls, strewn garbage and some pretty tough plants.

It was also great to see some local Essex folks.  Special shout out to Sarah Salatino from Full Circle Gardens and our local booksellers,  Phoenix Books.

Forecast for tomorrow calls for snow…….

What are your favorite signs of spring? And, are you seeing any yet where you live?

At Turner Toys, we’re developing our Pinterest site  and would love to let to let you know what we’re thinking about these days and to get your thoughts on what you’d like to see.  Actually, my wife is creating it.

Right now, we have Autumn and Halloween on the brain.  My wife and daughter are really into everything Halloween.  Me, not so much though I’m a sucker for Fall colors.  Maybe not raking.  So – how does this relate to Turner Toys’ Pinterest site?  We’ve added two boards – “Fall” and “Halloween” and we’re pinning some of the best fall colors shots and great Halloween DIY projects.

We’ve also created boards for things we like and great products we carry:

  • Nature pictures – amazing pictures from around the world
  • Science Play – we like science at Turner Toys and we want to share science activities that your kids will like
  • Reading – when we find great book and reading links, we’ll share them here
  • Snow! – ok, we’re in fall right now, but snow is around the corner.
  • Parenting –  we parents can all use some words of advice
  • Learning Play – well, we know that children learn through play
  • Classroom activities – great activities for groups of children
  • Made in the USA – fun memorabilia and Turner Toys products that are made in the USA
  • Flying Toys – Turner Toys is known for its collection of  flying toys (now including rockets) and its support of Science Olympiad flying competitions.  We have “how-to’s” on building helicopters for Science Olympiad on the Turner Toys website and will post these to Pinterest, too.
  • Birthday Party Ideas – again, great activities for groups of kids
  • Dinosaurs & Fairies – two popular themes for kids    
  • Christmas – many craft ideas for the Christmas season
  • Classic (pedal) cars – Turner Toys has some great classic pedal cars.  We’re fans of great classic cars, too.
  • Vermont/New England – We’re based in Vermont, after all.

We plan to share articles and information about children, play and learning. What would like to see on Turner Toys’ Pinterest site – or our website

Here in Vermont, the leaves are turning and we are back into our fall routines – school, soccer, raking.  Turner Toys is a family business and we are fortunate to live in the Green Mountain State where nature, all things local, ingenuity and creativity are prized characteristics.

Inside Stephen Huneck’s Dog Chapel

This past weekend my daughter and I (and our dog, Charlie) enjoyed the fall foliage on a drive to St. Johnsbury.  Our destination: Dog Mountain.  Dog Mountain is set on 150 acres and is home to artist Stephen Huneck’s Dog Chapel and art gallery. The chapel looks like a Vermont village church complete with stained glass windows and pews.  However, in this chapel dogs are welcome and celebrated.  There is a sign outside the chapel that reads:  “All Creeds All Breeds No Dogmas Allowed”.  Charlie joined other dogs roaming in and out of the chapel and throughout the grounds – even the gallery/gift shop!   The grounds are always open to dogs and their people for hiking, snowshoeing and exploring.   It was a gift to experience the Dog Chapel and grounds during fall with the trees glowing orange and red.  I felt like a tourist discovering a new and wonderful place and I‘m thankful to be able to live in Vermont with my family.

Let us know – what are your favorite places in Vermont?  Are you a “dog person?” What kinds of dogs do you have?  Send in pix of your dogs or favorite places in Vermont.

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