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summer camp care package ideasSchool just ended and now we’re thinking of what our child should bring to camp and how we might surprise him while he’s there.  We frequently get calls from parents who want to put together a special summer camp care package and here are a few things to consider:

Before you send anything…

  • Check with your camp to get an idea of delivery options  (how often do they get mail, when is it delivered to your child, maximum size of package, etc.)
  • Also – find out if they allow food in care packages.  More and more camps are prohibiting food treats in care packages because of food allergies and wildlife.  Our camp favorite has always been chocolate chip cookies.  Rice Krispies treats are also sturdy and yummy.  Just make sure it won’t melt or attract critters while en route.
  • Send things that your child can share.  Some camps don’t want campers to feel excluded and what better way for your camper to make friends.

What should you put in your camp care package?

  • Honestly, you’re sending a care package because you love and miss your child.  So, we think the answer is: Love!!!  Anything you send will remind your child of how much you love him or her.
  • To help your camper share with fellow campers, look for items that come in bulk packs and that don’t need assembly.
  • Any traditional toy is great because it’s quiet and doesn’t require batteries or electricity.

Parents have told us that balsa airplanes are favorites so here’s a list of items we carry that will make your life easier and your child happy!

Flying Toys  balsa airplane ready-to-fly summer camp care package idea

  • Balsa airplanes – inexpensive bulk packs are great for group activities and lightweight to ship!  Options include:
  • Firefly rockets –  elastic launched toys with colored LED lights for nighttime flying.  See my earlier post about how much fun Fireflys are. Just make sure there is an open space for launching. Quantity discount available.
  • Flying Sticks – available in a 16-pack.  Sophisticated version of the folk-toy that you can tweak by wetting and bending the rotor.
  • PowerUp kit for paper airplanes – Attach a motor to your paper airplane and watch it fly for 30 seconds or so.  How cool is that?
  • Whitewings Hotshots Paper Airplane Templates – make the BEST aerodynamic paper planes and see whose flies the farthest (with or without the PowerUp!)

Spinning Toys

  • Yo-Yos & Spinning Tops –  Camp can be a good time to hone throwing skills.  Think of all the tricks they’ll be able to do by the end of summer!  classic whirly toy summer camp care package idea

Choose from basic wooden ones to more technically advanced models.  The Whirly Toy Classic is super fun, mesmerizing and lights up.  A great night-time activity!

There are many other toys and activities that you can send.  Don’t forget a handwritten note!  Sometimes simple is best.

What are you sending your child?

Did you know?  Today is National Yo-Yo Day.  Yomega yo-yos

Did you also know that yo-yos have been around for thousands of years?

According to Valerie Oliver’s article in the Museum of Yo-Yo History,  yo-yos were probably invented in China but there are early mentions going back to 500 BC in ancient Greece.  Ancient yo-yos were made out of wood, metal, or painted terra cotta disks.

It seems like the yo-yo was used as a toy the world over but there is mention of it being used as a weapon in the Philippines in the 16th century:

Hunters in the Philippines hid up in trees and used a rock tied to a long cord, up to 20 feet in length, to throw at wild animals beneath them. The weapon was able to be pulled up and thrown back down for multiple attempts at the prey.

Over time, the yo-yo made it’s way through Asia and Europe where it ended up being a stress-relieving toy of the upper classes, including for French nobility during the time of the French Revolution.

How do you do all of those cool tricks like Walk the Dog? 

First – you need a good yo-yo. Turner Toys is proud to carry Yomega yo-yos.  We like their product range for different skill levels.  We have models for beginners to pro’s.

  • The Brain is great for beginners because it has an automatic return
  • The Fireball is great for beginners-intermediate players. Spins 3 times longer than ordinary yo-yo.
  • The Raider is for intermediate-advanced players.  It does the traditional tricks but also great looping tricks.

Yomega also has lots of tutorial videos.   So, in honor of National Yo-Yo Day, here’s a tutorial from Yomega on how to do the most basic of yo-yo tricks:  The Sleeper (when the yo-yo is spinning at the bottom of the string).


Can you do any yo-yo tricks?  

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